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Dr. Joel Correia Interviewed by NBC Latino

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Right-Wing Populist Parties and Border Issues. Toward a Global Perspective

Dr. Oscar Mazzoleni’s lecture focused on border issues in right-wing populist strategies. Read More

Living with a Dying Lake: Climate Change Politics and the Problem of Overdetermination, Lake Poopo, Bolivia

There is no single factor responsible for the drought of Lake Poopo. However, other issues that contributed to the drought include intense agricultural production, mining and rising temperatures. Read More

2019 Latin American Studies Alumni Awards

This year, Dr. Bertrhude Albert was awarded the Outstanding Young Alumni Award and Jorge Piñon was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. Read More

Dr. Simone Athayde Named a 2019-2020 Global Fellow

The fellowship will support Dr. Athayde’s research to develop the international project Local Indicators of Climate Change (LICCI) amongst indigenous peoples in the Brazilian Amazon. Read More

Dr. Mary Risner Received the Senior Faculty International Educator of the Year Award

Dr. Mary Risner was selected as the Senior Faculty International Educator of the Year. Read More

Andrew Noss Awarded Staff International Educator of the Year

Dr. Andrew Noss was selected as the Staff International Educator of the Year by the UF International Center. Read More

Dr. Mimi Urbanc and Dr. Mateja Smid Hribar Visiting Researchers at the Center

Dr. Mimi Urbanc and Dr. Mateja Smid Hribar will be working with Dr. Catherine Tucker on a research project during their stay at the University of Florida. Read More

Avoiding Amazonian Catastrophes: Prospects for Conservation in the 21st Century

While the consequences of Amazonian deforestation have been studied for years, recent fires and political inaction have renewed concerns that the Amazon rainforest could reach its “tipping point” in the near future. Read More

Latinx faculty representation and resource allocation at Hispanic Serving Institutions

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The Amazon Hasn't Stopped Burning

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Margarita Lopez Maya named Bacardi Family Eminent Scholar

Dr. López Maya’s research delves into the contemporary socio-historical and sociopolitical processes of Latin America, particularly in Venezuela. Read More

El incierto futuro de Lenín Moreno en Ecuador

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South America's second-largest forest is also burning - and 'environmentally friendly' charcoal is subsidizing its destruction

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Richmond F. Brown Graduate Student Fund

Join us in contributing to the Richmond F. Brown Graduate Student Fund! Read More

Summer 2019 Student Research and Field Practicum

Learn where Center students traveled during the summer to complete research, participate in a field practicum, or undertake an internship! Read More

69th Annual Conference Call for Contributions

UF Center for Latin American Studies 69th Annual Conference | Being on Earth: Territorios, Soundscapes, Biocultural Diversity, and Relationships. Read More

Robert Walker BBC Radio 4 Interview

Robert Walker was interviewed regarding the Amazon tipping point. Read More

The Stalemate in Venezuela

The recent U.S. sanctions in Venezuela are not only worsening the economic situation, but increasing the country's cynicism toward any hope of resolution. Read More

Arrested Infrastructure: Roadwork, Rights, Racialized Geographies

Published by Dr. Joel COrreia, this essay investigates relationships between infrastructure projects that have been suspended and the (re)production of racialized geographies of power in Indigenous struggles for land rights in the South American lowlands. Read More

Burned Areas of the Amazon Could Take Centuries to Fully Recover

The ongoing fires could fundamentally change the world’s largest tropical rainforest. Read More

In Brazil's rainforests, the worst fires are likely still to come

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Dr. Robert Walker interviewed by Knowledge@Wharton

Dr. Robert Walker was interviewed by Dan Loney for Knowledge@Wharton regarding the wildfires in the Amazon. Read More

Dr. Robert Walker interviewed regarding the Amazon fires

Dr. Robert Walker was interviewed by NBC News regarding the fires raging in the Amazon. Read More

Amazon’s Wildfires Raise Alarm

As the fires in the Amazon continue to rage, Dr. Emilio Bruna, Center faculty and Florida-Brazil Linkage Institute Director, has provided expert commentary on the situation. Read More

Florida Teachers Participate in Teacher Exchange with Mexico

The goal of the program is for educators in Mexico and the United States to share knowledge and perspectives on educational systems and teaching pedagogies. Read More

Dr. Wendy Townsend - Inspirational Scholar, Teacher, Colleague

For over 35 years and up until just a few weeks ago, Wendy worked with indigenous people and university students on sustainable resource use issues, including a recent project targeted at indigenous knowledge of native bees. Read More

Dr. Carlos Suárez Carrasquillo Interviewed Regarding Ongoing Events in Puerto Rico

Dr. Suárez was interviewed by multiple news sources regarding Puerto Rico's Governor Ricardo Rosselló’s resignation. Read More

Dr. Carlos de la Torre Appointed Director of the Center for Latin American Studies

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Improving policies and instruments to address cumulative impacts of small hydropower in the Amazon

Dr. Simone Athayde co-authored an article published in ScienceDirect. Read More

Harassed: An Interview with Rebecca Hanson and Patricia Richards

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Read about Professor Darwing Azael Pérez Santiago, Visiting Scholar at the Center for Latin American Studies

The purpose of Darwing’s visit was to observe the approaches and techniques currently used in all levels of formal education in the United States. Read More

Abdias do Nascimento Academic Exchange Program at the University of Florida

An Empowering Experience for Black Brazilian Students. Read More

Farewell to Dr. Philip J. Williams

This summer, Dr. Philip J. Williams is stepping down from his role as director of the Center for Latin American Studies. Read More

Women Leading Change: Human Rights and Environmental Justice in Latin America

The 2019 Women Leading Change workshop is the first in a series of four collaborative Title VI-funded interdisciplinary working groups co-sponsored and hosted by the UF and UA Centers for Latin American Studies. Read More

Alumni Spotlight: Anabell Iglesias

Certificate in Latin American Studies (LAS) Alumna, 2010 Read More

Between Gainesville and San Juan: A Title VI Collaboration with the University of Puerto Rico

The Center for Latin American Studies continues to expand collaborations with the University of Puerto Rico. Read More

Limits to Decolonization: Indigeneity, Territory, and Hydrocarbon Politics in the Bolivian Chaco

Dr. Penelope Anthias visited the Center for Latin American Studies to discuss her book Limits to Decolonization. Read More

Resilient Landscapes: Terracing and Settlement Ecology across the Maya Lowlands

What can we learn from landscape patterns of past civilizations? According to a new project led by University of Florida faculty, ancient landscapes can help us design, plan, organize, and maintain systems that are resilient to cultural and ecological change. To better understand this concept, an interdisciplinary and international team of researchers will conduct a study of household, community, and landscape resilience in the Maya lowlands of southern Mexico. Read More

The Indigenous State: Race, Politics, and Performance in Plurinational Bolivia

Book talk with Dr. Nancy Postero, UC San Diego (Anthropology) Read More

New UF Study Explains How to Prevent Dengue Risk in the Galapagos

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International Workshop - Afro-Latin American Studies: Visibility, Collaboration and Protagonism

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“My dream is for food security worries to be something of the past.”

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Venezuela’s Popular Sectors and the Future of a Country

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How Washington Funded the Counterrevolution in Venezuela

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Brazil's new president has started taking steps towards damaging the 'lungs of the planet'

In a January radio interview, special secretary for strategic projects Maynard Marques de Santa Rosa announced the administration's plans for three major projects that will impact the Amazon. Read More

Understanding the Venezuelan Crisis

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In Paraguay, Rapid Deforestation Is the Price of an Economic Boom

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“We can have conservation and development in the Amazon.”

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Knowledge@Wharton Interview with Rebecca Hanson

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Amazon deforestation, already rising, may spike under Bolsonaro

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Venezuela at Another Crossroads

Juan Guaidó has declared himself the president of Venezuela. What comes next? Read More

Center Alumnus Thomas Braman Visits the University of Florida

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“The Amazon is essential.”

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UF, UPR, and dLOC Receive Grant Award to Digitize Threatened Newspaper Microfilm of the Caribbean

The project is titled Film on a Boat: Digitizing Historical Newspapers of the Caribbean. Read More

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