69th Annual Conference Call for Contributions

UF Center for Latin American Studies 69th Annual Conference | Being on Earth: Territorios, Soundscapes, Biocultural Diversity, and Relationships.

69th Annual Conference Call for Contributions

September 17, 2019

UF Center for Latin American Studies 69th Annual ConferenceBeing on Earth: Territorios, Soundscapes, Biocultural Diversity, and Relationships
MARCH 20 - 22, 2020

The UF Center for Latin American Studies is happy to announce our 69th Annual Conference designed to cultivate conversations across boundaries—disciplinary and otherwise—about what it means to be on Earth in an era of radical social-ecological change. Participants are invited to share research and experiences applying ecology, linguistics, ethnography, ethnomusicology, governance, law, geography and other approaches to dimensions of being on earth: territorios, soundscapes, biocultural diversity, and relationships. Complementing LASA 2020 Améfrica Ladina: Vinculando Mundos y Saberes, Tejiendo Esperanzas and building on our UF 2018 conference Buen Vivir and Other Post-Development Pathways, Being on Earth works to foster solidarities among scholars, musicians, artists, activists, Indigenous, and African descendant peoples across the Americas. Collective efforts to decolonize knowledge production will inform three days of scholarly presentations, experiential learning, and creative activities including music, dance, and visual arts. Spaces to debate and envision alternative paths for Being on Earth aim to spur new ways of thinking and acting.

Please consider proposing a paper, activity, or other form of expression that addresses one or more dimensions:

  • Territorios: dynamic spaces constituted by, and supporting, relationships among physical elements and forces, diverse living organisms (including humans), cultural and political systems, and forms of artistic and intellectual expression.
  • Soundscapes: paisajes sonoros of multiple musics created by cultural groups to interpret being on earth and to communicate with beings on earth, including sounds of a place.
  • Biocultural diversity: interlinkages between biological, cultural, and linguistic diversity, with attention to environmental stewardship and rights for humans and other nature.
  • Relationships: the experience of power-laden assemblages among humans and other Earth-beings that integrates the spiritual, the intellectual and the sensorial in motion.

By October 13, 2019, upload proposals of 250 words or less to the following link.

- Call for Papers, Spanish: Anuncio de Conferencia del Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos de la Universidad de la Florida y convocatoria a contribuciones.

- Call for Paper, Portuguese: Chamada para contribuições à conferência do Centro de Estudos Latinoamericanos a ser realizada na “University of Florida”.

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