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Race and Racism in the Americas and Caribbean

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Dr. Joel Correia Published Two Articles

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2020 Marianne Schmink Outstanding Dissertation Award

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Puerto Rico and the US Election

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Brazilian Music Institute Awarded Best Show/Concert by FOCUS BRASIL

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Could Florida Puerto Ricans decide presidential contest? Why some say yes

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La realeza populista by Dr. Carlos de la Torre

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Call for a Graduate Assistant/Editorial Assistant for the Latin American Research Review

The Latin American Research Review (LARR) publishes original research and review essays on Latin America, the Caribbean, and Latina/Latino studies. Read More

Latin American Records of Past Epidemics

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Carmen Martínez-Novo Named the First Woman Editor in Chief of the Latin American Research Review Journal

This nomination marks the first time a woman has served in the position of editor in chief for the LARR since its founding in 1965. Read More

Dr. Susan Paulson Published Two Articles Advancing Equitable and Sustainable Responses to Pandemic

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Cómo los déspotas se aferran al poder

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Conversatorio on Racism in the Americas

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NAFTA's Cartel Economy

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Beloved Professor Efraín Barradas Celebrates Retirement

Dr. Barradas, with his daily displays of inimitable fashion sense and extraordinarily warm collegiality, will be deeply missed. Read More

Center Spotlight: Jessica Mrozinske Baker

Jessica Mrozinske Baker, the Center’s Accounting Coordinator, was awarded a Division Three Superior Accomplishment Award from the University of Florida. Read More

No justice, no peace: Why Catholic priests are kneeling with George Floyd protesters

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Denouncing Anti-Black Racism

Statement from the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida Read More


The goal of the emergency research fund is to provide qualifying students with up to $3,000 to cover reimbursable expenses such as housing, meals, supplies, and other allowable research expenses they incur while carrying out research work during the summer. Read More

Gender, Local Communities, and Natural Ecosystems in Tambopata, Peru

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Center for Latin American Studies Awarded a Tinker Field Research Collaborative Grant

The Center for Latin American Studies is one of eleven inaugural members that are part of the Tinker Field Research Collaborative for 2020-2025. Read More

Latin American Studies Alumni Awards

Nominations are open for the 2020 Latin American Studies Alumni Awards! Read More


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Mennonites helped turn Paraguay into a mega beef producer – indigenous people may pay the price

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Indigenous people may be the Amazon’s last hope

The connection between indigenous communities and conservation is global. Indigenous people make up 5% of the world’s population, but their homelands hold 85% of its biodiversity. Read More

Fear and Loathing in Havana and Miami

Cubans in Florida and on the island are united by a common history. But the past also divides them. Read More

Gator Nation Giving Day

Stand Up & Holler for the Center for Latin American Studies! Read More

Being on Earth: Territorios, Soundscapes, Biocultural Diversity, and Relationships

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The Sacred Cause The Abolitionist Movement, Afro-Brazilian Mobilization, and Imperial Politics in Rio de Janeiro

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Catastrophic Amazon tipping point less than 30 years away: study

"The Amazon rainforest generates half its own rainfall, but deforestation threatens to disrupt this cycle, shifting large parts of this ancient forest to dry, savanna habitat." Read More

Entrevista a Carlos de la Torre

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2019 Marianne Schmink Outstanding Dissertation Award in Tropical Conservation and Development

Dr. Myrian Sá Leitão Barboza is the 10th recipient of this prestigious dissertation award that honors Dr. Schmink for her significant and transformative contributions to graduate education, the Center for Latin American Studies and the TCD Program. Read More

La Casita hosts class on Latinx Studies

This is the first class the institute has ever held. Read More

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