Program Highlights

The Center fosters a culture of innovation and collaboration through interdisciplinary connections across campus and beyond. Here are just a few of our programs and partnerships that attract students from diverse intellectual and geographic backgrounds:

Florida-Brazil Linkage Institute 

Florida-Brazil Linkage Institute brings together multiple universities and colleges to forge a network of partnerships with Brazilian educational, government and private-sector institutions. The FBLI is housed at the Center for Latin American Studies at the University of Florida and is co-administered with Miami Dade College.

International Ethnography Lab 

International Ethnography Lab, founded in 2023 by Center professor Rebecca Hanson and affiliate Richard Kernaghan, offers resources and support to students pursuing ethnographic research.

Latin American Business Environment

Latin American Business Environment program is for students with a keen interest in Latin America who seek to acquire the analytical skills for careers in business, non-government organizations, or government.

Latin American and Caribbean Collection

Latin American and Caribbean Collection (LACC) of UF's Smathers Libraries is one of the leading research collections of its kind, consisting of over ‌500,000 volumes across all disciplines, with particular strengths in literature, the humanities, and the social sciences.

Master's in Development Practice Program

Master's in Development Practice Program trains students to become skilled practitioners in sustainable development, centering a holistic, interdisciplinary understanding of sustainable development challenges. through classroom study, participatory exercises, and field practice. This degree program is co-administered by the Center for Latin American Studies and the Center for African Studies.

Tropical Conservation and Development

Tropical Conservation and Development advances biodiversity, sustainable resource management, and the welfare of rural people in the tropics through interdisciplinary graduate education, research, and collaborative learning and practice.