How Washington Funded the Counterrevolution in Venezuela

How Washington Funded the Counterrevolution in Venezuela

February 08, 2019 - Venezuela’s opposition leader Juan Guaidó declares himself head of state in front of supporters in Caracas, on January 23, 2019. (Boris Vergara)

Dr. Rebecca Hanson, Center and Department of Department of Sociology, Criminology, and Law faculty, published an article in The Nation regarding Venezuela's ongoing crisis.

There is no question that Venezuelans are suffering and want to see a change in governance. Maduro is wildly unpopular, even among the working class, and many have grown tired of the economic crisis that has exploded under his watch. This doesn’t mean, though, that citizens necessarily support the opposition or, worse, US military intervention. Many continue to identify as chavista, and even those who have shed this identification continue to acknowledge that the Bolivarian Revolution once improved their livelihoods. Those improvements, though, have largely evaporated under Maduro.

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