Amazon’s Wildfires Raise Alarm

As the fires in the Amazon continue to rage, Dr. Emilio Bruna, Center faculty and Florida-Brazil Linkage Institute Director, has provided expert commentary on the situation.

Amazon’s Wildfires Raise Alarm

August 23, 2019

Dr. Emilio Bruna was interviewed by MSNBC's Ali Velshi regarding the wildfires in the Amazon rainforest. In the interview, they discussed the consequences for our climate and government policies that have exacerbated deforestation in the Amazon. Watch the full interview below.

CBC News also interviewed Dr. Bruna, where he discussed the consequences of the fires for the ecosystems in the Amazon and the indigenous people.

Dr. Emilio was also interviewed by Wired, where he discussed the consequences of deforestation and the fires raging in the Amazon. Read the full interview here.

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