MusicThe diverse sounds of Latin America will fill your classroom with this Suitcase. Music is an important aspect of the cultural diversity of Latin America and this suitcase allows you to explore the instruments and rhythms that fill the streets of Mexico, Cuba, Honduras and many others. Hear the rattle of the Chajchas, an instrument made from hooves that is attached to the ankle in Andean countries, create the clave that forms the basis of traditional music in Cuba, listen to a variety of CDs with samples, or explore dance with the video, Dancing Across Disciplines. The Latin American Music Traveling Suitcase is sure to liven up your classroom and engage your students!

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Lesson plans

Each Traveling Suitcase has lesson plans and creative ideas to help teachers utilize the suitcase in their classroom. Many of these plans have been contributed by prior lenders. Here are sample lesson plans for this suitcase:

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