The Afro-Latin American Traveling Suitcase is one of the newest traveling suitcases offered and it offers a collection of items that explore race, the history of slavery, and the commodification of Afro-Latin American identity within tourist souvenirs. The suitcase also includes items that pick up various elements of the diverse cultures of the African diaspora in the Americas.

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Lesson Plans

Each Traveling Suitcase has lesson plans and creative ideas to help teachers utilize the suitcase in their classroom. Many of these plans have been contributed by prior lenders. If you develop a lesson plan or just have a few ideas that weren't included in the suitcase, email them to us at 

How to Borrow the Afro-Latin American Traveling Suitcase

  1. Submit a Lending Agreement completed by fax or email.
  2. Request the Afro-Latin American Traveling Suitcase by sending an email to - include the suitcase desired and the dates.
  3. Use the suitcase in your classroom. We will ship the suitcase to the address on your lending agreement free of charge. Take advantage of the included lesson plans and classroom ideas.
  4. Return your suitcase to the Center after two weeks. You or your school will be responsible for return shipping costs which generally cost between $25 and $30. Be sure that all the items are returned in their appropriate bags by checking off each item on the enclosed inventory form.
  5. Submit an evaluation form either in the suitcase or via email. Send us any lesson plans that you have developed beyond those already included for future teachers! Submitting these allow the suitcases to continue to develop and better serve your classroom!