Affiliate Faculty

Affiliate faculty members are those whose academic appointments reside entirely in other campus units and who devote at least 25 percent of their research, teaching and/or service to the study of Latin America and the Caribbean and/or Latina/os in the United States. The Affiliate Faculty chair and serve on MALAS thesis committees and on various fellowship and grant competition selection committees. They also initiate many of the Center’s research programs, events, and other activities. The courses taught by Affiliate Faculty (with 25 percent or more Latin American or Latino Studies content) are advertised in our Course Guide, and form the basis for the Center’s Minor, Undergraduate and Graduate Certificate, and MALAS programs. The dynamism of the Center, and the quality of its programs, depends greatly on the participation of its affiliates.

African American Studies & Center for Gender, Sexualities, and Women’s Studies Research

Manoucheka Celeste

Research Interest: African Diaspora, media representations
Geographic Expertise: Haiti, Caribbean

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Agricultural Education and Communication

Paul Monaghan

Research Interest: Community-based social marketing
Geographic Expertise: Haiti, Latino Studies

T. Grady Roberts

Research Interest: Teaching and learning, experiential learning, study abroad
Geographic Expertise: Costa Rica, Trinidad & Tobago, Ecuador

Cecilia Suarez

Research Interest: Cultural Studies, Leadership Education, Critical Race Theory, Instersectionality of Identities, Latin@ Studies, Higher Education Leadership, Women of Color in Education, Students of Color
Geographic Expertise: General

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Agricultural & Biological Engineering

Clyde Fraisse

Research Interest: Climate-based agricultural risk management applications, crop growth modeling
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

Dorota Z. Haman

Research Interest: Irrigation and water management, plant water requirements
Geographic Expertise: Central and South America

Eric S. McLamore

Research Interest: Development and application of biotechnology in rural communities
Geographic Expertise: Colombia

Rafael Muñoz-Carpena

Research Interest: Hydrology, water quality
Geographic Expertise: Central and South America

Fred Royce

Research Interest: Agricultural cooperatives, international development, decision support systems
Geographic Expertise: Central America, Cuba

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Lynn Sollenberger

Research Interest: Forage plants and grazing livestock
Geographic Expertise: Jamaica, Mexico

S. Luke Flory

Research Interest: Invasive Plant Management
Geographic Expertise: Cuba, Galapagos

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Susan deFrance

Research Interest: Zooarchaeology
Geographic Expertise: Peru, Bolivia, Caribbean

Susan Gillespie

Research Interest: Archaeology, ethnohistory, social organization
Geographic Expertise: Mesoamerica

Clarence Gravlee

Research Interest: Ethnic disparities in health, cultural dimensions of psychosocial stress
Geographic Expertise: Puerto Rico

Michael Heckenberger

Research Interest: Archeology of non-western cultures of the humid tropics; historical anthropology
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

Richard Kernaghan

Research Interest: Violence, rights and political community
Geographic Expertise: Peru

Michael E. Moseley

Research Interest: Archaeology of Andean complex civilizations
Geographic Expertise: Andean South America

Augusto Oyuela-Caycedo

Research Interest: Archaeology, historical ecology
Geographic Expertise: Andes, Amazonia

George Aaron Broadwell

Research Interest: Native American languages
Geographic Expertise: Mexico, Mesoamerica

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Martha Kohen

Research Interest: Urban planning
Geographic Expertise: South America 

Alfonso Perez-Mendez

Research Interest: Design
Geographic Expertise: Cuba, Caribbean

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Art and Art History

Kaira Cabanas

Research Interest: Modern and contemporary art of the Americas
Geographic Expertise: Latin America

Coco Fusco

Research Interest: Interdisciplinary artist & writer
Geographic Expertise: Cuba, General

Maria Rogal

Research Interest: Graphic design, relationship between design, culture and identity 
Geographic Expertise: General

Maya Stanfield-Mazzi

Research Interest: Pre-Columbian and colonial art
Geographic Expertise: Andes

Sergio Vega

Research Interest: Visual, historical and cultural studies; photography
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

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Karen Bjorndal

Research Interest: Biology of sea turtles
Geographic Expertise: Caribbean

Walter S. Judd

Research Interest: Systematics
Geographic Expertise: General

Francis E. Putz

Research Interest: Ecology
Geographic Expertise: South America

Claudia Romero

Research Interest: Tropical conservation
Geographic Expertise: South America

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Valeria Kleiman

Research Interest: Energy transfer
Geographic Expertise: Argentina

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Civil & Coastal Engineering

Arnoldo Valle-Levinson

Research Interest: Physical oceanography, estuary-ocean exchange, estuarine & coastal hydrodynamics
Geographic Expertise: Mexico, Chile

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Computer & Information Science & Engineering

Manuel Bermudez

Research Interest: Programming languages, transfer of technology
Geographic Expertise: Costa Rica, Venezuela

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Elias Dinopoulos

Research Interest: International economics, economic development
Geographic Expertise: General

Hector Sandoval

Research Interest: Social Interactions, Education, Development Economics, Program Evaluation
Geographic Expertise: Mexico

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Education: Teaching and Learning

Maria Coady

Research Interest: Bilingual education, ESL language and literacy development
Geographic Expertise: Latino Studies

Ester de Jong

Research Interest: Bilingual education, language policy, and program evaluation
Geographic Expertise: Latino Studies

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Tace Hedrick

Research Interest: Chicana/o and Latina/o studies, feminist theory, feminist art history
Geographic Expertise: General

Leah Reade Rosenberg

Research Interest: Anglophone Caribbean studies, postcolonial studies, cultural studies
Geographic Expertise: Caribbean

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Entomology and Nematology

Mark Branham

Research Interest: Evolution of sexual communication in fireflies
Geographic Expertise: Caribbean, Jamaica

James Cuda

Research Interest: Biological control of invasive weeds
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

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Environmental Engineering Sciences

David Kaplan

Research Interest: Hydrologic and ecological models, ecological resoration, saltwater intrusion
Geographic Expertise: Brazil, Costa Rica

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Family Youth and Community Sciences

Jorge H. Ruiz Menjivar

Research Interest: The study of household financial decision-making and the measurement of financial constructs such as financial risk tolerance, economic well-being, financial socialization and knowledge, using modern psychometric theory. The investigation of topics related to financial and consumer decision-making in Latin America.
Geographic Expertise: El Salvador, Costa Rica and Ecuador 

Marilyn Swisher

Research Interest: Sustainable agriculture
Geographic Expertise: Central America

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Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

Andy Naranjo

Research Interest: International finance and capital markets, international asset pricing
Geographic Expertise: General

Brian Gendreau

Research Interest: Emerging markets finance
Geographic Expertise: General

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Florida Museum of Natural History

Kitty Emery

Research Interest: Environmental archaeology
Geographic Expertise: Mesoamerica

William F. Keegan

Research Interest: Archaeology, economic and ecological anthropology, horticultural societies
Geographic Expertise: Caribbean

Bruce MacFadden

Research Interest: Vertebrate paleontology
Geographic Expertise: Bolivia

Susan Milbrath

Research Interest: Archaeology, Mayan codices
Geographic Expertise: Mesoamerica

Jacqueline Miller

Research Interest: Systemics and taxonomy of Lepidoptera
Geographic Expertise: Mexico, Caribbean

Max Nickerson

Research Interest: Systematics and ecology of amphibians and reptiles
Geographic Expertise: Central America

Norris H. Williams

Research Interest: Molecular systematics of orchids and euglossine bees
Geographic Expertise: Panama, South America

Thomas C. Emmel

Research Interest: Population biology and conservation ecology, butterflies and land snails
Geographic Expertise: General

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Food and Resource Economics

Charles Adams

Research Interest: Marine economics
Geographic Expertise: General

Jeffrey Burkhardt

Research Interest: Natural resource ethics and policy
Geographic Expertise: General

Edward Evans

Research Interest: International trade policy, agro-economics
Geographic Expertise: Caribbean

William Messina

Research Interest: International trade
Geographic Expertise: Caribbean

Charles Moss

Research Interest: Agricultural finance, agricultural policy, quantitative methods
Geographic Expertise: Mexico

Conner Mullally

Research Interest: Development economics, impact evaluation
Geographic Expertise: Peru, Uruguay, Nicaragua

Diego Valderrama

Research Interest: Environmental and natural resource economics, fisheries and aquaculture
Geographic Expertise: Honduras, Nicaragua

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Forest Resources and Conservation

Grenville Barnes

Research Interest: Land tenure, cadastral and land information systems, GIS
Geographic Expertise: Central and South America, Caribbean

Stephanie Bohlman

Research Interest: Forest ecology
Geographic Expertise: Panama

Eben N. Broadbent

Research Interest: Tropical forest ecology, conservation biology, ecosystem ecology, geospatial analyses and technology
Geographic Expertise: Costa Rica, Bolivia, Brazilian Amazon

 Douglas Carter

Research Interest: Forest economics and management
Geographic Expertise: General

Francisco Escobedo

Research Interest: Urban forestry
Geographic Expertise: Chile

P.K.R. Nair

Research Interest: Agroforestry, international forestry
Geographic Expertise: General

Denis Ribeiro do Valle

Research Interest: Ecological statistics, environmental health
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

Robert Buschbacher

Research Interest: Tropical ecology
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

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Michael Binford

Research Interest: GIS and RS applications in environmental systems, landscape dynamics
Geographic Expertise: South America

Sadie Ryan

Research Interest: Disease ecology, tropical conservation, human-wildlife interface
Geographic Expertise: Ecuador

Cynthia Simmons

Research Interest: Economic development and environmental policy
Geographic Expertise: Brazil, Amazonia

Jane Southworth

Research Interest: Climate change, remote sensing, land use, land cover change
Geographic Expertise: Honduras, Guatemala

Corene Matyas

Research Interest: Climatology, hurricanes, climate and change
Geographic Expertise: Caribbean

Peter Waylen

Research Interest: Hydrology, climatology, quantitative methods
Geographic Expertise: South America

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Geological Sciences

Mark Brenner

Research Interest: Limnology, paleolimnology
Geographic Expertise: Mesoamerica, Caribbean

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George A. Smathers Libraries

Richard Freeman

Research Interest: Anthropology research methods/librarianship, visual anthropology, digital scholarship
Geographic Expertise: Argentina, Latin America

Laurie Taylor

Research Interest: Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC)
Geographic Expertise: Caribbean

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Ida Altman

Research Interest: Latin American colonial history
Geographic Expertise: Spain, Mexico and Colonial Spanish America

David P. Geggus

Research Interest: Caribbean history, slavery
Geographic Expertise: Caribbean

Lillian Guerra

Research Interest: Caribbean Diasporas and Caribbean History
Geographic Expertise: 20th Century Cuba, Puerto Rico

Jeffrey D. Needell

Research Interest: Modern Latin American history, intellectual history
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

Paul Ortiz

Research Interest: Oral history, Latino history
Geographic Expertise: Latino studies

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Horticultural Sciences

Jonathan Crane

Research Interest: Tropical fruits
Geographic Expertise: Caribbean, Mexico, Costa Rica

Steven A. Sargent

Research Interest: Postharvest physiology and technology
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

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IFAS International Programs

Walter Bowen

Research Interest: Agronomy, agriculture economics
Geographic Expertise: Andes, Brazil

Thomas Ruppert

Research Interest: Environmental law
Geographic Expertise: Costa Rica

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John Kaplan

Research Interest: Photojournalism
Geographic Expertise: Cuba, General

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Landscape Architecture

Maria C. Gurucharri

Research Interest: Comprehensive problem-solving in natural systems & urban landscapes
Geographic Expertise: Central America

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Languages, Literatures & Cultures: Haitian Creole

Benjamin Hebblethwaite

Research Interest: Haitian Creole instruction & linguistics
Geographic Expertise: Haiti

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Latin American and Caribbean Collection

Paul Losch

Research Interest: Bibliographic resources for Latin American Studies
Geographic Expertise: General

Margarita Vargas-Betancourt

Research Interest: Colonial Latin American history, Latin American and Caribbean archives, diversity
Geographic Expertise: Caribbean, Mexico

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Thomas T. Ankersen

Research Interest: Environmental law, water law, protection of biological diversity
Geographic Expertise: Central America

Berta Hernández-Truyol

Research Interest: International human rights, issues of gender/race and Latinas/nos in the law
Geographic Expertise: General

Joan Flocks

Research Interest: Agricultural labor, child labor
Geographic Expertise: Latino Studies

Pedro Malavet

Research Interest: Comparative law, critical race theory, LatCrit theory
Geographic Expertise: Puerto Rico, Latino Studies

Timothy McLendon

Research Interest: Environmental law
Geographic Expertise: Haiti, Brazil

Jon Mills

Research Interest: Florida constitutional law, environmental law, legislative drafting
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

Winston Nagan

Research Interest: International human rights
Geographic Expertise: Ecuador

D. Daniel Sokol

Research Interest: International business and regulation
Geographic Expertise: General

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James Essegbey

Research Interest: Descriptive, documentary and theoretical linguistics, Creole studies
Geographic Expertise: Caribbean

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Medicine: Division of Infectious Diseases and Global Medicine

Vincent DeGennaro

Research Interest: Surgical missions and training, epidemiology, breast cancer treatment  
Geographic Expertise: Haiti

Michael Lauzardo

Research Interest: Tuberculosis, general pulmonary disease, mycobacterial infections
Geographic Expertise: Haiti, Dominican Republic

Amy Y. Vittor

Research Interest: Field experimental methods for determining enzootic hosts, human immunological and genetic susceptibility to alphaviruses, epidemiology of eastern equine encephalitis, and Venezuelan equine encephalitis in Panama
Geographic Expertise: Panama, Peruvian Amazon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Asia

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Kenneth Broadway

Research Interest: Percussion
Geographic Expertise: Caribbean

Silvio Dos Santos

Research Interest: Music criticism and analysis
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

Larry Crook

Research Interest: Ethnomusicology, music history
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

Kristen Stoner

Research Interest: Popular and classical flute of Latin America
Geographic Expertise: Ecuador, Chile, Argentina

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Natural Resources and Environment

Ignacio Porzecanski

Research Interest: Biodiversity conservation, sustainable development, wetlands management
Geographic Expertise: General

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Robert Lucero

Research Interest: Consumer and clinician-centered health information technology, Latino caregivers
Geographic Expertise: General

Stacciarini, Jeanne-Marie

Research Interest: Psychiatric and mental health nursing
Geographic Expertise: Brazil, Latino Studies

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Political Science

Leslie E. Anderson

Research Interest: Popular politics and citizen empowerment, development of democracy
Geographic Expertise: Central America, Argentina

Myra Leann Brown

Research Interest: International political economy, international environmental relations, international relations
Geographic Expertise: General

Carlos A. Suárez Carrasquillo

Research Interest: Urban politics, gated communities, city marketing/branding
Geographic Expertise: Puerto Rico

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Plant Pathology

Karen Garrett

Research Interest: Plant disease epidemics and management
Geographic Expertise: Andes

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Anna L. Peterson

Research Interest: Christianity in Latin America, social ethics, environmental ethics
Geographic Expertise: Central America

Robin Wright

Research Interest: Indigenous religions, ethnohistory, Indian policy
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

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Stephen Perz

Research Interest: Demography, environmental sociology, sociology of development
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

Barbara A. Zsembik

Research Interest: Latino sociology, demography of health and aging in minority populations
Geographic Expertise: General

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Soil and Water Science

Nicholas Comerford

Research Interest: Forest soils, root/soil interactions, forest management
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

Pedro A. Sanchez

Research Interest: Conservation and Sustainable development, Tropical Soils, Food Production and Hunger Reduction
Geographic Expertise: Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Africa

Jerry B. Sartain

Research Interest: Soil fertility
Geographic Expertise: General

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Spanish and Portuguese Studies

Jessi Aaron

Research Interest: Spanish linguistics
Geographic Expertise: Mexico

Susana Braylan

Research Interest: Spanish language instruction 
Geographic Expertise: General

Kathryn Dwyer Navajas

Research Interest: Spanish language instruction 
Geographic Expertise: Dominican Republic

Antonio C. Gil

Research Interest: Spanish language instruction
Geographic Expertise: General

M. Elizabeth Ginway

Research Interest: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century Brazilian narrative
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

Emily Hind

Research Interest: Mexican literature, film, history, and culture
Geographic Expertise: Mexico

Victor Jordan

Research Interest: Spanish literature
Geographic Expertise: Colombia

Gillian Lord

Research Interest: Second language acquisition, L2 phonetics and phonology, technology in language education
Geographic Expertise: Mexico

Ximena Moors

Research Interest: Spanish language instruction 
Geographic Expertise: General

Greg Moreland

Research Interest: Languages across the curriculum and for the professions
Geographic Expertise: Mexico

Charles Perrone

Research Interest: Luso-Brazilian studies and literature
Geographic Expertise: Brazil

David Pharies

Research Interest: Romance historical linguistics
Geographic Expertise: General

Martín Sorbille

Research Interest: 19th century Spanish-American literature
Geographic Expertise: General

Clara Sotelo

Research Interest: Spanish language instruction 
Geographic Expertise: Colombia

Joge Valdés Kroff

Research Interest: Psycholinguistics, Spanish-English code-switching; Spanish heritage speakers 
Geographic Expertise: General

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Michael Leslie

Research Interest: Impact of media content on society from cross-cultural perspective
Geographic Expertise: Mexico, Brazil

Amy Jo Coffey

Research Interest: Foreign language programming in the US, audience analysis
Geographic Expertise: Latino Studies, Costa Rica

Churchill Roberts

Research Interest: Documentary film, international telecommunication, and social impact of the mass media
Geographic Expertise: Cuba, Panama

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Theatre and Dance

Joan Frosch

Research Interest: Dance ethnography, choreography
Geographic Expertise: General

Tony Mata

Research Interest: Musical theater
Geographic Expertise: Latino Studies

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Tourism, Recreation, & Sports Management

Brijesh Thapa

Research Interest: Recreation & sports management, ecotourism
Geographic Expertise: Caribbean

Almeyda Zambrano

Research Interest: Human Geography, Ecological Anthropology, Human Ecology, Political Ecology, Tropical Conservation and Development, Land Use and Land Cover Change, Environmental Change and Water Quality, Sustainability Science
Geographic Expertise: Costa Rica, Peru, Brazil, the Amazon

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Urban & Regional Planning

Jocelyn M. Widmer

Research Interest: Her research lies at the intersections of urban planning and global health, with a particular focus on community- and technology-based approaches to development where communication and education are equally critical for dissemination and development.
Geographic Expertise: Latin America, the Caribbean, Dominican Republic, and Haiti

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Veterinary Medicine

Klibs Galvão

Research Interest: Dairy cows, reproductive physiology & management, dairy production medicine
Geographic Expertise: General

Jorge Hernandez

Research Interest: Epidemiology
Geographic Expertise: Mexico

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Wildlife and Ecology Conservation

John Blake

Research Interest: Tropical ecology
Geographic Expertise: Ecuador, Amazon, Argentina

Lyn C. Branch

Research Interest: Conservation biology, behavioral ecology, landscape ecology
Geographic Expertise: Southern Cone

Robert Fletcher

Research Interest: Landscape and spatial ecology
Geographic Expertise: Ecuador

Susan K. Jacobson

Research Interest: Human dimensions of natural resource management, environmental education
Geographic Expertise: General

Kathryn E. Sieving

Research Interest: Avian ecology and conservation
Geographic Expertise: General

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