Graduate Programs

MA in Latin American Studies (MALAS)

The Master of Arts in Latin American Studies (MALAS) program is based on the premise that a full understanding of Latin America and the Caribbean requires an interdisciplinary perspective. The degree program enhances students' understanding of an important region of the world and provides training in relevant analytical and problem-solving skills.

MALAS/JD Program

The Master of Arts in Latin American Studies/Juris Doctor joint degree program provides an opportunity for students to develop their area and topical expertise in Latin America in combination with the study of law. Candidates for the joint program must meet entrance requirements for and be admitted to both academic units. Students can earn both degrees in approximately one year less than if both degrees were pursued separately.

Master’s in Sustainable Development Practice

The Master’s in Sustainable Development Practice (MDP) degree is focused on training development practitioners who will be able to address development challenges facing poor, resource rich communities in innovative ways. The program bridges the natural sciences, social sciences, health sciences and management. It is a collaboration between the UF Center for Latin American Studies and the UF Center for African Studies and builds on UF's Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD) program

Certificate in Latin American Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies requires 12-15 credit hours of Latin American area studies courses.

TCD Certificate & Concentration

The Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD) Program offers an interdisciplinary certificate and concentration program focused on integrative approaches to conservation and development in Latin America and other tropical regions. The program is open to students enrolled in Master's and Ph.D. programs in TCD's affiliate departments at the University of Florida.