Center Staff

Patricia Alba

Patricia A

Communications Specialist
MA Mass Communication, University of Florida

Ms. Alba manages the communication and marketing efforts for the Center for Latin American Studies. She works with Center staff to promote events, contacts other departments to maximize the reach of Center announcements and promotional materials, and works with outside media to better promote the Center's message. Ms. Alba's duties also include managing and maintaining the Center website.

346 Grinter Hall

Phone: 352-273-4047


Dania Alexandrino

Spanish Language News Manager
MA Public Relations, Kent State University

Ms. Alexandrino leads and supervises the production of all Spanish Language News content production by the students at the College of Journalism and Communications. This includes, but is not limited to a weekly radio show, web news articles, TV news briefs, etc. She also teaches a weekly Noticias Plus class where students learn, discuss and perfect their journalistic skills in Spanish. In addition, Ms. Alexandrino is developing a Spanish Language Journalism Certificate program in conjunction with the Center for Latin American Studies.

College of Journalism and Communications

Phone: 352-294-2752


Jessica (Mrozinske) Baker

Jessica B

Accounting Coordinator

Ms. Baker is responsible for handling pre-award and post-award submissions and monitoring through the UFIRST system. She reconciles expenditures and provides monthly and/or regular financial updates. She also interacts with core offices, other departments, faculty, and staff when there are questions about Center funds or expenditures.

354 Grinter Hall

Phone: 352-273-4707


Jessica Caicedo

Jessica B
Senior Fiscal Assistant
BA Spanish, University of Florida

Ms. Caicedo is responsible for processing general fiscal transactions at the Center for Latin American Studies, which includes travel related transactions, both foreign and domestic, reconciling all Pcard transactions, and processing Journal Entries to the General Ledger.

304 Grinter Hall

Phone: 352-273-4735


Wanda Carter

Program Assistant, Academic Affairs

Ms. Carter provides academic and fiscal support for the MALAS, TCD and MDP students.

316 Grinter Hall

Phone: 352-273-4709


Monica Castillo Sifuentes

Fiscal Assistant II
BS Economics with a concentration in Accounting, Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania

Ms. Castillo is responsible for general fiscal transactions at the Center for Latin American Studies: all vendor payments (paying invoices and honoraria), vendor contracts for Procurement’s review and signature, Travel Authorizations and Expense Reports for both foreign and domestic travel, general reimbursements, Cash Advances and Foreign Visiting Traveler Payments.

304 Grinter Hall

Phone: 352-273-4722


Rose M. Farley

Human Resource Assistant

Ms. Farley manages human resource and payroll functions. She coordinates Effort Reports and Faculty Activity Reports, and processes all security role requests for the Center for PeopleSoft. 

319D Grinter Hall

Phone: 352-273-4702


Aimee Green

Aimee Green

Assistant Director of Development
MA Latin American Studies, University of Florida

2008 Turlington Hall

Phone: 352-273-3699


Maira Gutierrez Rascon

Program Coordinator
BBA International Business, New Mexico State University

Ms. Gutierrez coordinates the Center's conference, symposia, receptions, travel grants, and other events. She also assists with coordinating travel for Title VI and the Library Travel Grants, the affiliate faculty travel fund opportunity, the Center based Faculty Travel funds, and any grant or initial travel needs.

318 Grinter Hall

Phone: 352-273-4715


Ivette Hernandez


Administrative Support AST I
AA HR and Organizational Leadership, Rasmussen College

Ms. Hernandez provides administrative assistance to LAS Director, Dr. Philip Williams, as well as to LAS faculty and staff. She manages Dr. Williams’ calendar and travel arrangements.  She also assists in maintaining our mailing database and email distribution lists. She coordinates internal events for the Center and assists program coordinators and our outreach team with event logistics. 

319 Grinter Hall

Phone: 352-273-4705


Andrew Noss


MDP Program Coordinator
Ph.D. Geography / Tropical Conservation and Development / African Studies, University of Florida

Dr. Noss is the administrative coordinator for the Master of Sustainable Development Practice (MDP) Program and the Sustainable Development Practice (SDP) Certificate Program. He advises students on admissions, registration, funding, summer field practicum travel, and graduation procedures. He organizes MDP program activities including MDP committee meetings, Development Practitioner seminars, student presentations, and workshops.

319 Grinter Hall

Phone: 352-392-3293


Patricia Sampaio

Patricia S
TCD Program Coordinator
MS Ecology, University of São Paulo, Brazil

Ms. Sampaio coordinates the activities related to the Tropical Conservation and Development Program (TCD) and its related programs, such as management of TCD student and alumni databases; organization and support of all TCD events; planning and participation on task forces and committees; revision and maintenance of the TCD webpage; monitoring of the Ford Endowment expenditures; and production of reports. She is also responsible for the coordination of scholarship and other financial support competitions sponsored by TCD, the Amazon Conservation Leadership Initiative Program (ACLI) and LAS.

343 Grinter Hall

Phone: 352-273-4734


Lenny A. Ureña Valerio

Lenny Small
Assistant Director for Administration
Ph.D. History, University of Michigan

Dr. Ureña Valerio is responsible for the general administration of the Center for Latin American Studies. She provides oversight of Center’s accounts including Title VI NRC and FLAS grants. She supervises student award distribution and advises on funding processes. She provides guidance on UF and sponsored projects guidelines and regulations, prepares reports, and assists with grant writing and budget preparation. She also provides leadership for Center’s administrative personnel and advises on a variety of administrative issues.

319E Grinter Hall

Phone: 352-273-4704