Teacher Resources


The Outreach Program at the Center for Latin American Studies provides various resources to help K-16 teachers integrate Latin America into their curriculum. We encourage you to look through the below resources to learn more.

Traveling Suitcases

Traveling Suitcases are artifact collections reflecting thematic areas of the diverse cultures, traditions, and economies of Latin America. Educators may borrow these suitcases at no charge (though they are responsible for the cost of return shipping). These unique collections of books, toys, music, product packaging, currency, national symbols, and other items have been collected by UF faculty, students, and friends while traveling in Latin America. Many teachers use them as a learning center, letting students handle items and discuss their uses.

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Virtual Guest Speaker Initiative

The Virtual Guest Speaker is a free initiative that is designed to integrate into your curriculum. The program brings an international expert into your classroom to answer student questions on matters concerning Latin America, its culture, and its people.

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Lending Library

The Outreach Program maintained a collection of more than 500 resources on Latin American and Caribbean topics in our Lending Libray. As of summer 2014, the program merged our collection of videos with that of Tulane University. We believe this merger to be a contribution to the larger Latin American Studies community.

The majority of the titles previously available through our Outreach Lending Library are now available through the Roger Thayer Stone Center for Latin American Studies. We encourage educators to browse the Stone Center’s resource materials and lending procedures on their web page linked above.

Web Resources

The Outreach Program at the Center for Latin American Studies has compiled a variety of web resources ranging from Latin American business resources to various Wikispaces created with the help of K-12 teachers.

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Educator Grants

Financial assistance for K-16 teachers interested in Latin American Studies is provided by many sources. This section provides teachers with a list of grant opportunities from various funding sources.

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