March 11, 2020 - Tropical Conservation and Development

Amy Duchelle

Dr. Amy Duchelle, SFRC and TCD alumna, was highlighted as one of 16 Women Restoring the Earth. Congratulations!

Learn more about Dr. Duchelle’s work and the work of other remarkable women across many professions as they devote their careers to creating a better and more sustainable future from the Global Landscape Forum. At CIFOR, Dr. Duchelle leads the climate change team to understand how REDD+, a mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce forest loss and degradation, operates on a global scale. Her work has shed important light on the need to include gender perspectives in policy decisions regarding climate change actions. Described as “fast-talking and sharp-shooting” Dr. Duchelle has worked closely with a diversity of stakeholders that depend on forests for their livelihoods and are most affected by climate change and forest policies, but that often do not have a voice in the decisions being made. In her own words: “In this critical moment, in order to protect tropical forests and enhance the rights and livelihoods of local people, scientists should actively engage with diverse constituencies. Such engagement is crucial if we are to collectively generate the evidence needed to improve decision-making to tackle climate change.” Dr. Duchelle addresses the importance of the gender perspective regarding plans to tackle climate change and the way forward in this on-line video recorded at the COP25 in 2019 and made available by the UNFCCC Climate Action Studio.

Dr. Amy Duchelle received her Ph.D. in 2009 from the School Forest Resources and Conservation, and Graduate Certificate from the Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD) Program in the Center for Latin American Studies (LAS), at the University of Florida under the advisement of Dr. Karen Kainer, who has a joint appointment with LAS and is a core faculty member of TCD Program. While at UF, Amy was part of the NSF-funded IGERT “Working Forest in the Tropics”, which brought faculty and students together from across campus to promote interdisciplinary research approaches to tackle forest sustainability issues in the tropics.


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