Specialization Coordinators: Rebecca Hanson & Richard Kernaghan

The Crime, Law, and Governance in the Americas (CLGA) Specialization is designed to train students in the interdisciplinary, comparative study of crime, law, violence, justice, and related areas in Latin America and the U.S. This specialization also prepares students for research and applied careers in the fields of law and governance in the Americas.


Recent Courses Relevant for CLGA

Theory and Topics Courses:

Methods Courses:

Frequency of course offerings

Before each semester, the Center compiles and posts online a Guide to hundreds of LAS-related courses available the coming semester. Some courses contributing to specializations are offered every semester, others once every few years. The list of courses provided here is not intended to guarantee any curricular offerings, but rather to open horizons to topics that have been and may be offered in widely varied programs around UF.

Additional courses

Each specialization offers students the opportunity to craft personalized programs of study and to add their own contributions. Students may identify additional courses relevant for a specialization, including new and one-time offerings, and may seek approval from the Specialization Coordinator to count such courses toward specialization credits.


Jeffrey Adler (History) U.S. Urban History, History Of Violence And Social Conflict, History of American Criminal Justice, and Nineteenth-Century America

Rebecca Hanson (Latin American Studies/Sociology; Venezuela and Colombia) Crime and Citizen Security, Political Sociology, Human Rights, Global Studies, Urban Sociology, Social Movements and Citizen Participation, Gender; Latin America, Qualitative Methods

Berta Esperanza Hernández-Truyol (Law) Civil Rights, Comparative Law, Human Rights, Human Trafficking, International and Regional Human Rights (Inter-America and Europe),  International and Transnational Law, LGBT Issues, Marriage Equality, Race & Race Relations  Sovereignty, War and War Crimes, Women, Gender and the Law

Richard Kernaghan (Anthropology; Peru and Amazonia) Legal Anthropology, Ethnography and Ethnographic Writing, Roads and Indigenous Populations

Marvin Krohn (Criminology) Juvenile Delinquency, Adolescent Substance Use, Sociology of Law

Jodi Lane (Criminology) Fear of Crime, Crime Policy, Corrections, Juvenile Justice, Evaluation Research

Carmen Martinez Novo (Latin American Studies)

Jodi Schorb (English) History of U.S. Prison

Joseph Spillane (History) Development of Drug Addiction Research, Police Practice Relative to Illicit Markets

Heather Vrana (History; Central America) Student and Social Movements, Social Class, Race, Disability and History of Medicine, Nationalisms, Youth Politics and Culture, Popular Culture