Ariadna Tenorio

Assistant Professor
Center for Latin American Studies
Research Interests

Race, gender, human rights and legal anthropology.

Geographic Expertise

Mexico and the Caribbean

Curriculum Vitae
  • Issues and Perspectives in Latin American Studies

Ariadna is from Puebla Mexico where she studied law and worked in the field of education and human rights. She lived briefly in Comala while studying for her PhD in Social Sciences at the University of Colima. Her dissertation "Mujer, locura y derecho en tres novelas mexicanas contemporáneas" earned her a scholarship to continue her studies at the University of Kansas where she obtained a PhD in Spanish and Portuguese.

Her actual research focuses on the historical construction of racialized identities in Latin America addressing the coloniality inscribed in the performance of blackness in contemporary mestizo societies and how these identities modified the notions of nation and citizenship.