The LAS Guest Speaker Program is a free initiative that brings an expert into your classroom virtually to engage students on matters concerning Latin America, its cultures, and its peoples.

Guest Speaker Request Form

Our LAS Guest Speaker Program is LIVE for Fall 2023! Request a speaker for your classroom using this form.

So that we can provide our free program to as many classrooms as possible across the nation, please only request one virtual visit per semester.

While we do our best, we cannot guarantee that all LAS Virtual Guest Speaker Program requests will be fulfilled; we rely on volunteers to make up the pool of available expert speakers and their availability is always subject to change. However, we will try to accommodate each request and maintain an open line of communication with our experts and volunteers if issues arise. Thank you for your understanding!

Suitcase Themes

(available at all grade levels)

  • Afro-Latin America
  • Andean Music and Dance
  • Day of the Dead
  • Latin American Art
  • Latin American Childhood
  • Latin American Economy & Business Spanish
  • Latin American Food
  • Latin American Indigenous Peoples
  • Latin American Music
  • Latin American Traditional Attire
  • National Identity and Symbols
  • Traveling Around Latin America

Special Topics

Here is a list of just a few of our available topics with their grade level availability noted (E = Elementary, MS = Middle School, HS = High School, HE = Higher Education)

  • Afro-Brazilian culture and identity (HE)
  • Corruption in Latin America (HS & HE)
  • Conservation and development of the Amazon (HS & HE)
  • Hurricanes in the Caribbean (MS, HS, HE)
  • Latinx identity (all grade levels)
  •  Latin America during the Cold War (HS & HE)
  • Public housing in Puerto Rico (MS, HS, HE)
  • Puerto Rican literature (MS, HS, HE)
  • Tropical ecology and conservation (HS & HE)
  • The Amazon (all grade levels)
  • Urbanization and Planning in Latin America (all grade levels)

These and many more topics are available for our guest speaker program volunteers to cover! The full list of topics can be found on the Google form.