Lack of Science Support Fails Brazil

Lack of Science Support Fails Brazil

October 1, 2018

Dr. Emilio Bruna, Center and Tropical Conservation and Development faculty, published the article 'Lack of science support fails Brazil' in Science. The article is in response to the fire that devastated Brazil’s National Museum and highlights the Brazilian government's lack of investment in science.

"On 2 September, the world watched in horror as Brazil's National Museum, housing a vast collection of more than 20 million biodiversity and cultural artifacts, was engulfed in flames... The magnitude of this loss is staggering—not just for Brazil but for the world. Scientific advancement is based on building blocks from the past, and without those components, scientists are left without points of reference."

The article and the importance of its message have been picked up by Brazil's national media; being cited by multiple news and science outlets including Jornal da Ciência, Jornal da USP, and Folha de Sao Paulo, a prominent Brazilian newspaper.

You can read the online article here: 

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