The Center for Latin American Studies, in cooperation with the colleges of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Agricultural and Life Sciences, Business Administration, Design, Construction and Planning, Education, Fine Arts and Journalism and Communications, offers a certificate in Latin American studies for undergraduate students. Through special arrangements, students in other colleges also may obtain the certificate.

About this Certificate

The program is designed to supplement a major with broad regional, cultural, and language training appropriate for graduate work or a Latin America-related career in business, government or teaching. In general, it is for students who plan to live in Latin America, work with Latin Americans or Latino/as, or interpret Latin American/Latino/a culture to others.

Required Courses

21 credits with Latin American content (completed with a minimum grade of C), distributed as follows:

  • Three credits of LAS 4935, the undergraduate seminar in Latin American studies. Students may repeat LAS 4935 for an additional six credits if the topics vary.
  • Nine credits of courses with 100% Latin American content (designated by a C in the LAS course guide). Nine credits of additional courses with Latin American content, including courses in the student's major; courses may be either core (with 100% Latin American content, designated by a C in the LAS course guide) or electives (with at least 25% Latin American content designated by an E in the LAS course guide).
  • Only courses at 2000 level or above will count toward the certificate, with a maximum of nine credits at the 2000 level allowed. Advanced Placement credits do not count. Overseas study credits can count as core or elective courses pending review of the undergraduate advisor at the Center for Latin American Studies.

Foreign Language Requirements

Students must demonstrate high-intermediate proficiency in Spanish, Portuguese, or Haitian Creole. The language requirement may be met in one of three ways:

  • Coursework: Successful completion of SPN 2240, POR 3242 or 3243, or HAI 2201.
  • Examination: An Advanced Placement score of 4–5, with approval, or a SAT II score of 700. (For Spanish only.)
  • Individual oral examination to be conducted by language faculty

Language courses at the 3000 level or taken on study abroad programs in Latin America/Caribbean may count as core courses with approval from the Undergraduate Advisor at the Center for Latin American Studies.

Candidates for the certificate are encouraged to spend a summer, a semester or an academic year studying in a Latin American/Caribbean country. UF sponsors study abroad programs in several countries. For more information, contact Study Abroad Services in the UF International Center or visit here for a list of programs offered by the Center for Latin American Studies.