The Master of Arts in Latin American Studies (MALAS)

MALAS Program Information Sheet

The renowned richness of the MALAS program is sustained through dialogue among faculty and students with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and identities. Students collaborate with 180 affiliate and core faculty members from the humanities, social and natural sciences, and professional schools to develop individual programs of study that integrate courses across the university. MALAS graduates are employed in educational and research institutions, international organizations, government agencies, and private businesses across the Americas; many continue studies in Ph.D. programs. View our student profiles and learn more about current MALAS students.

Requirements for Master’s Degree in Latin American Studies at UF

  • Earn 30 credit hours, fulfilling distribution requirements listed below
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Portuguese, Spanish, or Haitian Creole
  • Complete an interdisciplinary specialization of 12 credit hours
  • Produce and successfully defend a thesis, internship, or capstone project
Course distribution requirements
  • 6 hours of gateway seminars
    • LAS 6293 Design and Methods of Research in Latin American Studies
    • LAS 6220 Issues and Perspectives in Latin American Studies
  • At least 15 of the 30 credits earned must be in courses listed as LAS
  • Thesis students register for LAS 6971 in the semester of graduation
  • Internship and Capstone students register for 3 credits of LAS 6949 in any semester
Language Requirements

Students must demonstrate advanced reading, writing and speaking proficiency in Spanish or Portuguese, or intermediate proficiency in Haitian Creole or another creole or indigenous language of the region, either through coursework or an oral proficiency exam.

MALAS Specializations

Specializations in Latin American Studies help graduate students and advisors to navigate the vast and constantly shifting curricular landscape supporting Latin American Studies at UF and foster connection and collaboration around shared interests among current and prospective UF faculty and students. Students earn a minimum of 12 credits—and potentially as many as 21 of required 30 credits—in courses associated with an interdisciplinary specialization of choice. To see curricular requirements, associated courses, and engaged faculty, click on each specialization at this link.

Study Abroad

The International Business Study Tour, the International Business Management Semester in Brazil, the UCR Exchange, the PUCP Exchange, the Business in Brazil Summer Program, the Urban Planning Program in Brazil, and the Haitian Summer Institute offer graduate credit. UF graduate students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents and who are interested in studying Portuguese, Haitian Creole or another less commonly taught Latin American language (i.e. Maya, Quechua etc.) during the summer, should consider applying for the Foreign Language and Area Studies Summer Fellowships offered by the Center.