By consolidating world-class programs in Latin America, Caribbean, and Latino Studies, the UF Center for Latin American Studies positions Florida at the center of intellectual, political, economic, and cultural exchange with the region. Your gift will assist the Center to maintain its academic prominence, better prepare its students and initiate and expand research and training programs on a broad range of themes.

Here are ways your gift can help the Center

Academic Programs:
  • Fund study abroad scholarships
  • Provide funds to students from underrepresented communities
  • Expand research initiatives for students and faculty
  • Fund the creation and expansion of innovative program initiatives
Faculty & Staff:
  • Hire top scholars through endowed chairs
  • Support professional development opportunities for faculty and staff
  • Help increase our operating budget to support faculty and staff initiatives
  • Maintain dedicated community and educational spaces within the Center
  • Fund new initiatives that maintain UF’s preeminence in Latin American Studies
  • Increase opportunities to host visiting scholars from Latin American universities 


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