Sixta Cecilia Chaverra Martinez


Quibdó, Chocó - Colombia


Bachelor's in English and French 


I am interested in the role of black women in education and the impact they may have on their territory. I would also like to deepen on women’s strategies to navigate problems and how those strategies impact the rates of violence. Finally, I want to focus and explore more about education in the Americas.


My experience has been framed with a diverse population. For 3 years, I had the opportunity to work in a project teaching English to children and youth who were often involved in violent acts within my community in Quibdó. I have also participated as a volunteer for the movement "Todos por la Educación" that seeks to position Education as a priority in Colombia. I also have experience working in the Caribbeans as a Spanish Culture teacher at the University of (name of the university).

Lately, I was working as an English teacher in a public school and with some female students we created a support group with the “Scholar Justice of Peace” to navigate and manage issues at the school. I strongly believe that women possess and display unique skills to handle and restore things; it is like that intrinsic sense. So, I am very interested in focusing on how women within black communities from Colombia navigate the affectations caused by forced displacement, emotional abuse, and other forms of violence.

“Remember How To Smile Because Life Is Colorful”