Maria de la Cruz Mora


Newberry, FL 


Bachelors of Arts in Political Science, minor in Latin American Studies. Cum Laude. University of Florida 


Immigration, Agriculture, Social Youth Movements, Mexican Politics, Indigenous Studies, Environmental Justice


My passion for Latin American politics stems from my undergraduate experiences at the University of Florida. It was during my time taking the class ‘Comida y Conflicto’ that I realized there was a space for me where my experiences and knowledge were appreciated, and valued and I could contribute to discussions. The highlight of my time was the cumulative project I did for this class centered on the Avocado Industry in Michoacán, Mexico. I was fascinated with the complex intersectionalities related to this industry.

Through furthering my academic studies, I hope to expand on the current work that I do and begin research on the Avocado industry in Michoacán, Mexico, and discuss the implication regarding the central topics I am already familiar with such as, causes for immigration, social and environmental justice and discussing the gender inequalities and disparities for communities and how these are relating to the United States and other global north players in the global market.

This research interest stems from my family’s involvement in this industry and being active in the expansion and cultivation of this product as producers, workers, and agriculture engineers. My view is focused on the long-term effects on the land and the implications for the inhabitants of Michoacán, that surround the orchards. As well as the interest in gaining familiarity with political relations in agriculture politics between the US, and Mexico and how to make-out better agreements for the small producers and workers.