Joanne Kreinbihl


Bell, FL


B.A. in Criminology, B.S. in Psychology at the University of Florida


Indigenous studies, Peruvian Indigenous Culture, Peruvian Pre-Colonial History, Historical and Continuing Impacts of Colonialism on Andean Cultures, Racism in Peru


Having completed my undergraduate degrees at the University of Florida, I opted to take an anthropology class for one of my final electives. This sparked an interest in Latin American Studies which was fueled by my own Peruvian heritage. Going back to Peru made me realize how much of the culture today was and still is being impacted by colonialization. As a student of the MALAS program, I want to bring recognition to the contributions of the first peoples of Peru as well as the cultures, history and folklores that existed well before the colonialization of Peru. I am also interested in researching how the colonialization of Peru left a legacy of discrimination and racism that can still be seen today.