Duvan Gulfo Perea


Quibdó, Chocó, Colombia


Bachelors of English and French - Universidad Tecnológica del Chocó / Graduate Studies in Active Methodologies and Learning in Education - Universidad Complutense, Madrid, España


I have a firm desire for the continuing personal and professional growth of educators in peace building, and I am keen to gain new experiences to bring people back to themselves through Divine identity and education.


Duvan Gulfo is an educator with a Bachelors of English and French, specialized in teaching adults and kids. Driven by my passion and commitment to social transformation and human development, I have participated as a volunteer and bilingual teacher of kids, young people and adults from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds in my home country, Colombia.

Perhaps, one of the most challenging experiences in my life so far, was to work as a college educator, ensuring that the apprentices with whom I worked, could deepen their research skills and autonomous learning, taking English as a channel for specific purposes; so that they could apply the learning strategies in their specific fields of performance. We managed to implement 5 projects throughout our experiences; one of them consisted of raising awareness among the university community about adequate eating habits for appropriate living and health conditions. And on the other hand, we did some academic-and-recreational activities and distributed brochures for suicide prevention, since the latter, it has been increasing in an excessive way, mainly in the young population.

Learning has played an enjoyable, valuable and significant path within my life, and has led me to use and apply context-based teaching and learning methodologies within specific areas of development, influenced by cultural diversity, socio-economic, community and citizen participation in their educational functions. Likewise, by being involved in social improvement as a volunteer for non-profit organizations and civil movements such as YMCA Colombia and Youth Colombian Leaders Foundation, directed to foster leadership, social service and autonomous learning; my path has taken an extensive background doing some missionary work as a primary school educator and being also a member of the Colombian Leadership in English Language Teaching Association held by the British Council Colombia, aiming to further creativity, excellence and innovation in language learning and teaching in Colombia.