Carlos Eduardo Paredes Camacho


Hialeah, FL


Miami-Dade College AA; Emory University BA in Philosophy, Politics, and Law with High Honors; University of Miami Masters of Science in Education and Social Change


Philosophy, Latin American Philosophy, Colonialism, and Imperialism, Philosophy of Education, Latin American Education, Critical Pedagogy, Paulo Freire, Histories of the Global South, Revolutionary Thought and Ideas


I was born in Cuba and lived in Miami-Dade for most of my life. I studied at Emory University where I developed a love for philosophy and questions that deal with the nature of justice, change, and culture. After defending my thesis where I critiqued John Locke's theories of property and rationality, I decided that teaching would be the best way to create change. I taught reading and history in Miami-Dade after working through Teach for America's two-year program. I graduated from the University of Miami with a Master of Science in Education and Social Change. My work as a reading and history teacher pushed me to ask questions about history, philosophy, and education. After teaching for four years, I decided to apply to the University of Florida to explore these questions. I became very interested in the legacy of colonialism and imperialism and their roles in shaping Latin American culture, philosophy, history, and education.