Ashley Juanita Borges


Miami, FL


B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Latin American Studies at the University of Florida


Racism/Colorism throughout the Caribbean, Latinx studies, Immigration


I grew up in the Miami bubble hidden away from how the Latinx community is truly perceived by the American society. My mom, immigrated to the United States seeking better opportunity, but was presented with a pile of bills and a long way to becoming a U.S. citizen in order to be able to stay in America with my father and I. This influenced my drive to become an immigration lawyer, as I want to give back to my community, especially during a time where we have to guard the factors that make up our community. As I spent numerous hours in Latin America seminars during my undergrad years, these courses sparked my interest in wanting to know more through my own research on how our own countries have transformed over time within society, the economy, and even politically.