Adriana Sela


Miami, Florida


Bachelor's in Political Science and International Studies from the University of Florida


Women's Social and Economic Development in Latin America. Sustainable Urbanism, International Economic Development, Anthropology of Human Rights in Latin America


As an undergraduate at the University of Florida, I studied Political Science and International Studies with a focus on Latin America. Additionally, I completed a Latin American Studies Minor which helped develop my interest in learning Brazilian Portuguese. Continuing my studies at UF was an easy decision as a lifelong Florida resident who is also passionate about the culture and politics of our diverse state. Currently working as a Worker Power Research Assistant for Florida Policy Institute, I am interested in supporting workers’ grassroots efforts and hopefully through research be able to expand workers’ rights and empower women and minority workers. I intend to expand my local interests and adapt their solutions to Latin America and the Caribbean with the education and resources provided by the MALAS program.