Susan Paulson

Center for Latin American Studies
Research Interests

Political ecology, gender/class/race/ethnicity, research methodologies, sustainability science, degrowth

Geographical Expertise

The Andes, Atlantic Forest of Brazil, Comparative Latin America

Susan Paulson CV 
  • LAS 6938 Power and Environment: Political Ecology Perspectives on Conservation and Development
  • LAS 6293  Design and Methods of Research in Latin American Studies
  • LAS 4935/LAS 6938 Environmental Social Movements in Latin America

Much of Susan Paulson’s research explores ways in which gender, class, and ethnoracial systems interact with biophysical environments, including bodies and landscapes. She lived for 15 years in South America, working in graduate programs at CESU in Bolivia and CBC in Perú, and teaching intermittently at FLACSO-Ecuador. At Miami University Paulson directed Latin American Studies for 7 years, and at Lund University in Sweden helped to launch a new graduate program in Culture, Power and Sustainability. In recent years she has been collaborating with international interdisciplinary teams on two research and theory building projects: one on rural territorial dynamics in Latin America, the other on the emerging paradigm of degrowth.