Marianne Schmink

Professor Emerita and Distinguished Teaching Scholar
Center for Latin American Studies
Department of Anthropology
Research Interests

Tropical conservation and development, gender and development

Geographic Expertise

Brazil, Comparative Latin America

Curriculum Vitae

Since 1980, Marianne Schmink has worked to build interdisciplinary research and training programs in the Center, integrating social science and natural science perspectives to address conservation and development issues with a focus on the Amazon region. She served as Director of the Interdisciplinary Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD) research and training program from 1988-2010, and over the years she worked with colleagues to raise significant grant and endowment funds to support fellowships, research grants, internships and other activities for UF students and faculty. She also helped to develop programs at UF focused on gender and development issues, including the MERGE program (Managing Ecosystems and Resources with Gender Emphasis) and she served as editor of a series of MERGE case studies on gender, community participation, and natural resource management. Her research in Brazil focused on sustainable development and gender in the Amazon region, and she directed a 13-year USAID-funded community research and extension program in western Amazonia (1990-2003).  She co-authored (with Charles H. Wood) Contested Frontiers in Amazonia (Columbia University Press, 1992) and (with Mâncio Lima Cordeiro) Rio Branco:  A Cidade da Florestania (2008, UFPa/UFAC), in addition to three edited books, and over fifty articles, book chapters, and reports.