Presentation atUF by one of South America’s leading science journalists

March 19, 2015

Please join us on Wednesday, March 25th at 4 pm for the 2015 Distinguished Speaker in Latin American Studies

“Adventures in Science Journalism in Brazil: Challenges and Opportunities in a Digital Age of Low Budgets and Short Attention Spans”

Herton Escobar, Science Journalist, “O Estado de São Paulo

Time & Date: Wednesday, March 25th, 4 pm
Location: 3032 Weimer Hall

This seminar is co-sponsored by the UF Office of Research, College of Journalism and Communications, Tropical Conservation & Development Program, and the Florida-Brazil Linkage Institute

BIOGRAPHY: Herton Escobar is one of Latin America’s leading science and environmental journalists. Since 2000 he has been at the ‘O Estado de S. Paulo’ newspaper — regarded by many as the most prestigious publication in the country — where he has published more than 1,800 stories published in the newspaper’s print and online platforms.  In 2006-2007 Escobar was a Knight Science Journalism Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and in 2014 a visiting scholar at the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism.  In July 2014 he received the José Reis Prize for the Dissemination of Science and Technology, Brazil’s most prestigious award for science journalism.

In addition to his academic background in disciplines ranging from astronomy to biotechnology, he has extensive experience in the field, including a year traveling the world solo to produce feature stories related to biodiversity conservation, climate change, and sustainable development. Through his journalism, he hopes to translate his passion for exploration and scientific research into compelling stories about people and the world in which they live.

If you are interested in meeting with Mr. Escobar please contact us.

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