Critical Development Studies at the UF Center for Latin American Studies

Event Start Date: February 19, 2021 1:00 PM
Event End Date: February 19, 2021 3:00 PM


Critical Development Studies at the UF Center for Latin American Studies
February 19 | 1:00 - 3:00 PM
This panel will be live streamed on the Center's YouTube channel

As part of the celebration of the Center’s 90th anniversary, Center Director Dr. Carlos de la Torre will host a panel discussion on critical traditions of development studies. The aim of this event is to celebrate the accomplishments of development studies and practitioners at the Center and to provide a space for a dialogue on the similarities and differences between different critical traditions.

The Center has been a hub of critical engagement with development. Since the 1970s Drs. Helen Safa, Marianne Schmink, and Carmen Diana Deere were pioneers on gender and development. Schmink with Charles Wagley and later Chuck Wood worked on the Amazon project, a project of interdisciplinary development studies work in the 1980s. They put together the interdisciplinary Tropical and Conservation Development program that integrated natural and social sciences. Bette Loiselle joined the Center in 2011 and is the current director of the program. She is leading interdisciplinary work to bridge theory and practice to advance biodiversity conservation, sustainable resource use, and human well-being in the tropics. Glenn Galloway is a founding member of the global Master of Sustainable Development Practice program based on the new Sustainable Development Goals. Susan Paulson is a leading theorist of post-development and degrowth.

Moderator: Dr. Carlos de la Torre

Panel Participants:

  • Dr. Marianne Schmink, Political Ecology
  • Dr. Carmen Diana Deere, Gender and Development
  • Dr. Bette Loiselle, Empowering communities to advance conservation
  • Dr. Glenn Galloway, Teaching Sustainable Development
  • Dr. Susan Paulson, Degrowth and other Post-development Pathways

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