Catherine Tucker and team receive 5-year award from NSF

Global network project on mountain sustainability earns nearly $2 million, embraces bridging scientific research with human impact

Catherine Tucker and team receive 5-year award from NSF

September 1, 2022

Catherine TuckerCenter faculty Dr. Catherine Tucker (LAS/Anthropology) is the Co-Principal Investigator of a five-year project recently awarded nearly $2 million by the National Science Foundation. The ACCELNET Award is titled “Accelerating Transformations to Sustainability Across the World’s Mountains.”

The project embraces a “Transformative Sciences with Society” (TSS) method, which focuses on action-oriented scientific research that incorporates diverse knowledges with data to structure systemic change and target collective social impact.

To support the TSS method, the project will connect 18 networks from six continents to exchange knowledge, synthesize data, and develop innovative strategic plans. These networks encompass four Global Thematic Communities of Inquiry and five regional Learning and Action Collaboratories. Dr. Tucker will lead the Global Thematic Community of Inquiry on governance, and work closely with the Latin American Learning and Action Collaboratory.

Overall, the project seeks to improve sustainability in mountain environments across the world, which comprise 20% of Earth’s land and harbor nearly half of its biodiversity hotspots. Mountain sustainability is also a crucial factor in water resource conservation, as mountains provide water to nearly 50% of humanity.

The project expects that its collaborations will generate products such as papers, protocols, and policy briefs that will direct future research and improve pathways to sustainability in mountain environments and societies.

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