Alumni updates from Center graduates

The latest career news from Center alumni

Alumni updates from Center graduates

October 18, 2022

Our alumni have been busy! Here is a round-up of just some of the latest news and accomplishments of Center graduates. If you have an update you’d like to share, please fill out the Alumni Update form here: If space permits, we’ll feature it on our website or in the next edition of the Latinamericanist!

Frances Gow (MALAS 2022) is working for the National Democratic Institute as a Project Assistant in Washington, D.C. Learn more about the National Democratic Institute herev. Congratulations, Frances!

Juan David Rojas (MALAS 2022) co-authored the article “Revolutionary Insurgents or Conservative Reactionaries? National Liberation Army's Transnational Expansion in Colombia and Venezuela” in the Journal of Latin American Geography. You can read the article here.

Francisco Santeiro (LAS certificate, 1977) gave a presentation on his book publication, “The Restless Exile of Gerardo Machado” for the AMIGOS of the Cuban Heritage Collection at The University of Miami. You can watch the presentation here.

Hannah Toombs (LAS graduate certificate, 2018) published the article “Indigenous tradition, change, and uncertainty in western Honduras: how Lenca potters maintain craft production livelihoods in the face of socioeconomic development” in the journal Latin American and Caribbean Ethnic Studies. Read the abstract here. If you’re interested in reading the full paper, please email

Nashia Greneau (MALAS 2022) is working as a History Lecturer at Dominica State College. Nashia was previously featured in the Latinamericanist for her research documenting oral histories in her home country.

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