Welson Tremura honored by home city São José do Rio Preto


Welson Tremura honored by home city São José do Rio Preto

July 29, 2021

Core faculty Dr. Welson Tremura (Music) was just honored by the city council of São José do Rio Preto in Brazil for his extensive academic career in music in the United States. Dr. Tremura was born and raised in São José do Rio Preto, where he learned guitar at the age of 11.

Dr. Tremura was recognized personally by local representatives in a small ceremony on July 19. The motion of honor was approved by 40 local legislators and signed by the city council’s president, Pedro Roberto Gomes.

Read select excerpts of the official certificate (translated from Portuguese):

“As a maestro and educator, it is Dr. Tremura’s mission to inspire imagination and persistence in research, critical examination of resources and ideas, and clear and creative writing skills, in an approach to teaching suited for students who want to be challenged.

Before conquering the U.S. and the world, Dr. Tremura was a young musician who played in the bars of Rio Prete in the 1980s, especially in the ‘Fragata,’ alongside Sesi na Represa, serenading the public with songs by Raul Seixas, Fagner, Bechior, and Ze Ramalho at a time when Brazilian Pop Music was brimming with young talent and the emergence of new bands like Paralamas do Sucesso, Titas, Legiao Urbana, Ultraje a Rigor, Sarao Vermelho, Kid Abelha and so many others.

At a time when the youth dreamed of a democratic opening and a more inclusive, modern and socially fair Brazil, what has come today is a historical moment and cause for reflection.

In the 1980s, the world was small for young people and there were no limits. Young Welson saw this and it was the struggle. Today, he is a noted academic and musician on multiple continents. Welson, now a Ph.D., always returns home to Rio Preto to visit friends and reunite with family, including among them his mother and siblings.

Without a doubt, he is an example for all of us.”