Meet the incoming MALAS cohort

Fall 2021 brings fourteen new students into our MALAS program

Meet the incoming MALAS cohort

August 22, 2021

As with every year, this fall semester finds the Center for Latin American Studies with a new cohort of MALAS students. Coming from all parts of the world, they represent a wide range of academic interests and career pursuits. Learn more about them below.

Sofi-Nicole Barreiro

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Academic interests: Migration, diaspora, Latinx studies, racialization and racial identity, political underrepresentation, political history, democratization, contemporary challenges to democracy

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Luísa Bridi Dacroce

Hometown: Chaves, Portugal / Palmitos, Brazil

Academic interests: Cultural Psychology, Latinidad, Identity Formation and Renegotiation, Ethnoracial Classification and Contestation

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Donovan Carter

Hometown: Waxhaw, North Carolina

Academic interests: Eliminating State-Sanctioned Violence, Afro-Latino Political Movements, Hip-Hop and Reggaetón, Resistance Traditions


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Seung Gi Kim

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Academic interests: Development Studies and Economic Analysis, Geopolitics, International Economics, Brazilian Studies, Latin American Business Environment, Latin American Politics, Latin American History

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Murielle Le Maire

Hometown: Micanopy, FL

Academic interests: Conservation, global climate change, land use and land rights, indigenous history, gender and sexuality studies, de-colonial studies and understanding the intersection of human rights and environmental issues, i.e. environmental (in)justice

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Thacher Tracion Loutin

Hometown: St Catherine, Jamaica

Academic interests: Education in the Caribbean, Education policy, Global relations, Educational leadership, Arts of the Caribbean 

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Carrie Martins

Hometown: Pennsylvania, USA

Academic interests: International education, higher education, diversity and inclusion, virtual exchange/COIL, immigration

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Kleber Naula Yautibug

Hometown: Chimborazo, Ecuador

Academic interests: Andean Studies, Indigenous Population, Democracy and Ethnic Political Participation in Latin America.


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Juan Carlos Perea Moreno

Hometown: Quibdo-Choco, Colombia

Academic interests: How the socioeconomic inequality affects the learning process of black students in the pacific region of Colombia


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Whitney Rodríguez

Hometown: Quito, Ecuador

Academic interests: Race, Black Feminism, Queer studies, Gender, Racism, Sexuality, Intercultural Communication


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Spence Rohlwing

Hometown: Parker, Colorado

Academic interests: Literature, Populism, Crime and Violence, Democracy, Political Science

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Francisco Sánchez

Hometown: Caracas, Venezuela

Academic interests: Violence and consequences in people. Subjectivities. Trauma and Recovery. Borders and State formation. Ethnography and qualitative research. Photography.

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YoVanna Solomon

Hometown: Wilmington, North Carolina

Academic interests: Afro-Latine studies, queer studies, gender and sexuality studies, pleasure activism, Black social and political movement, critical language acquisition

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Maricarmen Torres Medina

Hometown: Bayamón, Puerto Rico

Education: Languages and translation, public policy, city and housing, poverty, community development and visual and cultural representation

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