Andrew Janusz interviewed on Brazil's political turmoil

Dr. Janusz gives context on Brazil's upcoming election to local Orlando news.

Andrew Janusz interviewed on Brazil's political turmoil

August 26, 2021

Affiliate faculty Dr. Andrew Janusz (Political Science) was recently interviewed by Orlando's local CBS station about the political turmoil in Brazil. Brazil faces a presidential election in 2022, with its citizens deeply divided on the issues the country faces.

An excerpt:

“Brazil at the moment is extremely polarized and this election is not just seen as sort of a contest between the right and the political left, but rather a deciding moment between democracy and fascism,” Andrew Janusz, a University Of Florida political science assistant professor said.

Brazil’s current president, Jair Bolsonaro, a far-right politician and retired military officer, has led the country since January 2019. Next year he’ll face Luiz Inácio Da Silva, a former president of Brazil who was in office from 2003-2010.

“At the time he was president, the economy was growing; he introduced a number of social policies that lifted a number of people out of poverty, and when he left office he had about an 80% approval rate,” Janusz saud. “The polls indicate that if the election were held today, Lula would handily win, and that’s because a lot of Brazilians are frustrated with the handling of the coronavirus pandemic. So, Bolsanaro eschewed mask-wearing, admonished social distancing.”

Watch the video or read the transcript here: