Summer 2018 Student Research, Practicum, and Language Studies

Learn where Center students traveled during the summer to complete research, participate in a field practicum or internship, or learn a foreign language.

Summer 2018 Student Research, Practicum, and Language Studies

November 15, 2018

Students at the Center for Latin American Studies traveled across the world this summer to complete research, undertake an internship, or participate in fieldwork. These trips are crucial as students are able to further develop their studies and apply inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural problem-solving skills outside the classroom in international contexts. The map below shows where students traveled and the type of research, internship, field practicum, or language study they undertook during the summer. To view the map on a separate tab, click here.

The Center provides funding for many students to undertake their research in the form of Field Research Grants (FRG). FRGs support graduate student research in Latin America and the Caribbean. Research in the United States on a Latino Studies topic and research in Spain or Portugal on some aspect of Latin America are also supported.

Additional funding is available through the Tropical Conservation and Development (TCD) Program in the form of TCD Field Research Grants. The grants support field research addressing the issues of biodiversity conservation, sustainable resource use, and human well-being in the tropics at Masters and preliminary doctoral levels. The Master of Sustainable Development Practice (MDP) Program provides MDP Field Practicum Funds, which support MDP student travel to field sites and to offset major expenses including airfare, lodging, and food.

A number of students from various departments also received Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) Fellowships. These fellowships provide funds for student participation in an intensive study program of a less-commonly-taught Latin American language.

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