Nature and Culture in Latin America

LAS 4935
LAS 6938

Spring 2024
Days/times: Tuesdays 8:30am- 10:25am, Thursdays 8:30am- 9:20am
Location: Weil 0279

Course description

Have you noticed that your mood changes according to the weather? Some days we are blue and rainy, while in some others we are sunny and flowering. But what about the places where ecological seasons are not exactly as we were told in kindergarten. In this course we are going to talk about the two-way relationship between culture and nature in Latin America. Aimed for undergraduate students from all majors, we are going to read fiction and non-fiction texts to understand Latin American cultures in their “natural” landscapes. We will dive into the environmental movements, ecological strengths and challenges in Latin American societies with an intersectional approach. By the end of the course, maybe, we will be able to answer what it means to be human in a world which is constantly changing. 


Luis Felipe Lomelí
Center for Latin American Studies
358 Grinter Hall 
Phone: 352-273-4714

Research Interests

Creative writing, philosophy and history of science & technology, ecocriticism.

Geographic Expertise

Mexico, Colombia, Southern Africa