Introduction to Latinx and Chicanx History

LAS 3930
Section #RS00 CLASS #29324

Tuesdays 1:55pm- 2:45pm, Little Hall 0125
Thursdays 1:55pm- 3:50pm, Little Hall 0207

Course description

With broad questions and attention to race and ethnic relations, this course provides a historical foundation for understanding the experiences of Latinx and Chicanx communities, as well as other racial and ethnic groups. Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Chicanxs and indigenous people to name a few, have a long, rich history in the U.S. and they are becoming one of the largest racial/ethnic groups. Together we will take historical trip through 500 years of history and culture, uncovering primary documents, and rich narratives that explore historical forces, issues and major themes and theories such as settler colonialism, racial capitalism, urban renewal, and illegality. Last but not least, this class is a mixture of many things: part lectures, part writing forum, part seminar, part virtual field trip, part creative laboratory, and part analyzing scholarly texts, alongside important Latinx cultural productions such as comic books, visual art, poetry, music and film.


Rafael Ramirez Solórzano
Assistant Professor
Center for Latin American Studies