Intro to Latin American Studies

LAS 2001
SECTION 2852, CLASS #13642

Days/times: Tuesdays 10:40am-11:30am, Thursdays 10:40am -12:35pm
Location: TBA

Course description

This course offers a panoramic introduction to that astonishingly immense variety of cultures and societies that we—mysteriously—group together under the concepts of “Latinx” and “Latin America.” Using topics such as food, clothing, music, and art as a pretext, we will explore historical, cultural, political, socioeconomic, and other relevant issues in this region of the world. Throughout the semester, we will read articles, passages of books, and engage in conversations with invited guests.


Luis Felipe Lomelí
Center for Latin American Studies
358 Grinter Hall 
Phone: 352-273-4714

Research Interests

Creative writing, philosophy and history of science & technology, ecocriticism.

Geographic Expertise

Mexico, Colombia, Southern Africa