Gender and Political Conflict in Latin America

LAS 4935
Section BAC0, Class #31027
LAS 6938
Section BAC1, Class #30209

Days: Wednesdays
Times: 11:45am- 2:45pm
Location: Grinter 376

Course description

Conflicts and cleavages around gender, family issues, and religion have become more salient in political and electoral disputes in Latin America after 2010. Opposition to gender equality and sexual rights emerged under new fashion across the region, with effects varying between countries and according to issues. The main goal of the course is to discuss how these conflicts are displayed in Latin America, considering institutional, socioeconomic, and cultural variables. The course addresses these conflicts and the dynamics of countermovement that characterize them. To do that, it discusses feminist and LGBTQ+ politics; the backlash against them; and its effects. It approaches these conflicts considering the main actors, institutional processes, and arenas, as well as social mobilization and opinion. 


Flávia Biroli
Spring 2024 Bacardi Family Eminent Scholar
Center for Latin American Studies
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