Design and Methods of Research in Latin American Studies

LAS 6293

Days: Wednesdays
Times: 4:05 - 7:05 pm
Location: Anderson 0013

Course description

This course is intended to prepare students to write a proposal for their MA thesis, internship, or capstone project. In the course we will read, asses, and learn how to conduct qualitative, quantitative, and archival research in Latin America. Throughout the course we will review the epistemology of research methodologies, and discuss several methodological paradigms (e.g., positivist scientific methods, participatory action research, holistic ethnography, feminist epistemology, postcolonial and de-colonizing approaches). We will contextualize studies in historical, socio-economic, geographic and cultural contexts and reflect critically on knowledge and power in social science research. We will also consider the ethical dilemmas inherent to conducting research and discuss safety in the field. Students will learn to formulate relevant and feasible questions and goals for research, internships, and capstone projects and will practice gathering and analyzing qualitative data. 


Dr. Rebecca Hanson
Assistant Professor
Center for Latin American Studies
Department of Sociology, Criminology, and Law
Phone: 352-294-7191

Research Interests
Crime and Citizen Security; Political Sociology; Urban Sociology; Policing; Social Movements and Citizen Participation; Gender; Latin America; Qualitative Methods.

Geographic Expertise
Venezuela and Colombia