Complete the following steps to register in the Latin American Studies (LAS) Graduate Certificate program:

  1. Complete and print the appropriate form for the LAS Graduate Certificate or Advanced Graduate Certificate:
    • Graduate Certificate Registration Form
    • Recommended browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox or the latest Internet Explorer.
    • Instructions:
      • Save/download the PDF to your personal computer
      • Open the saved PDF and complete all the required fields
      • Save the completed PDF
  2. Make an advising appointment with Dr. Susan Paulson, by emailing
  3. The University of Florida requires students to add Certificate in Latin American Studies through an online process.
  4. Once you are enrolled in the Latin American Studies Graduate Certificate program, plan to meet regularly with the graduate coordinator, preferably prior to registration. An updated list of Latin American Studies courses is available online.

The Center's Graduate Coordinator provides advising services for the Graduate Certificate Program. Students are urged to meet with the graduate coordinator and update their records on an annual basis.

Contact Information:

Dr. Susan Paulson
Office: 319 Grinter Hall
Phone: 352-273-4730