CLAS’ Outreach Program provides resources and opportunities related to Latin America and the Caribbean to K-16 educators and the community throughout the US.

IV International Symposium of Languages for Specific Purposes (ISLSP)/CIBER Business Language Conference!


Program Priorities:‌

  • Less Commonly Taught Languages
  • Language for Specific Purposes‌
  • Science Education
  • Building linkages between education, industry, and community‌‌

Program Audiences:

  • K-12 educators and students‌
  • College educators and students
  • Community
  • Business‌

‌‌‌‌‌To view a sample of some of our past activities, read our ANNUAL REPORTS:‌‌

Outreach Annual Report 2015-16

Outreach Annual Report 2014-15

Outreach Annual Report 2013-14

Outreach Annual Report 2012-13

*Most of our programs are supported by US Department of Education Title VI National Resource Center funds.