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Resilient Landscapes: Terracing and Settlement Ecology across the Maya Lowlands

What can we learn from landscape patterns of past civilizations? According to a new project led by University of Florida faculty, ancient landscapes can help us design, plan, organize, and maintain systems that are resilient to cultural and ecological change. To better understand this concept, an interdisciplinary and international team of researchers will conduct a study of household, community, and landscape resilience in the Maya lowlands of southern Mexico. Read More

The Indigenous State: Race, Politics, and Performance in Plurinational Bolivia

Book talk with Dr. Nancy Postero, UC San Diego (Anthropology) Read More

New UF Study Explains How to Prevent Dengue Risk in the Galapagos

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International Workshop - Afro-Latin American Studies: Visibility, Collaboration and Protagonism

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Stand Up & Holler

All for the Center for Latin American Studies! Read More

“My dream is for food security worries to be something of the past.”

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Venezuela’s Popular Sectors and the Future of a Country

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How Washington Funded the Counterrevolution in Venezuela

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Brazil's new president has started taking steps towards damaging the 'lungs of the planet'

In a January radio interview, special secretary for strategic projects Maynard Marques de Santa Rosa announced the administration's plans for three major projects that will impact the Amazon. Read More

Understanding the Venezuelan Crisis

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In Paraguay, Rapid Deforestation Is the Price of an Economic Boom

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“We can have conservation and development in the Amazon.”

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Knowledge@Wharton Interview with Rebecca Hanson

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Amazon deforestation, already rising, may spike under Bolsonaro

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Venezuela at Another Crossroads

Juan Guaidó has declared himself the president of Venezuela. What comes next? Read More

“The Amazon is essential.”

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UF, UPR, and dLOC Receive Grant Award to Digitize Threatened Newspaper Microfilm of the Caribbean

The project is titled Film on a Boat: Digitizing Historical Newspapers of the Caribbean. Read More

Master of Arts in Latin American Studies

The University of Florida Center for Latin American Studies invites applications from highly motivated students for the Master of Arts in Latin American Studies degree program (MALAS). Read More