The UF Cuba Program was launched in 2009 by the Center for Latin American Studies to coordinate cross-campus initiatives related to the study of Cuba, and to further collaboration by UF and Cuban scholars.

Cuba Program

The specific aims of the program are to: 1) promote research on issues of importance to Cuba, Florida, and the broader United States as well as the field of Latin American/Caribbean Studies; 2) strengthen existing collaborative efforts and develop new collaborative research programs with Cuban colleagues on problems of common interest; 3) facilitate further research capacity on Cuba among UF faculty; 4) foster teaching on Cuba at the both the graduate and undergraduate levels; and 5) promote public awareness and discussion of issues important to the future of Cuba, Florida and the nation.

The UF Cuba Program is coordinated by a cross-campus Steering Committee and advised by an Alumni Advisory Board.

Contact Information

Lillian Guerra

William Messina
Agricultural Economist, IFAS