YoVanna Hernandez Solomon


Wilmington, North Carolina


North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University graduate with a Bachelor's degree in International Studies and a minor in Spanish. I also hold both a Waste Management and a Global Studies Certificate. I studied abroad as a Gilman Scholar in Montevideo, Uruguay during the Fall semester of 2016.


Afro-Latine studies, queer studies, gender and sexuality studies, pleasure activism, Black social and political movement, critical language acquisition


The desire to develop my Spanish fluency as a heritage speaker pushed me into the international studies field and I have not turned back since. Through my study of the language, I have come to understand the nuances of the historical, economic, political, and social components that shape Latin American Culture.

Attending an HBCU was formative in the development of my Black identity and appreciation for intersectional Black Feminist Thought. My passion for learning about and connecting with Afro-descendant communities across the Americas has grown over the course of many years of travel and cultural exchange endeavors. The opportunity to work, study, love and live throughout Latin America elucidated my interests in studying the sexuality, gender politics and social movements of Afro-Latine women and women identified folks.

I am thrilled to be able to complement my Latin American area studies with training in Brazilian Portuguese as a FLAS Fellow. Adding this critical language to my repertoire will enable me to expand the population of Afro-Latines I am able to reach, thus expanding the breadth of people with whom I can connect and deepen my conversations on the roles of gender and sexuality in Latin American society.