Thacher Tracion Loutin


St Catherine, Jamaica


Master of Arts (Education) specialization (Educational Leadership) (Distinction).(University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus Barbados)

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with a minor in Education (First Class Honors). (University of the West Indies Cave Hill Campus Barbados)

Teaching Diploma Primary Spanish Education (Trained Teacher). (St Joseph Teacher’s College Jamaica)

Associate of Science Degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. (The College of Agriculture Science and Education Jamaica)


As a woman of the Caribbean, my aim is to utilize compassion, creativity and commitment to revolutionize the educational experience specifically in the region. After completing this master’s degree in Latin American Studies at the University of Florida, I envisioned myself working in an environment that is constantly evolving, leading policy change, dealing with global relations and challenging myself to exceed my limit. Contributing to a positive shift in the paradigm of the educational sector in the English or Spanish speaking Caribbean region is my goal. However, I am open to all other opportunities globally. I love being an Educator, I love educational leadership and anything that is centered around educational impact. In all that I undertake, my personal values, temperament, experience, skills and sense of morality will guide me and create the foundation of my guaranteed excellence.


A trained educator with years of teaching experiences. I was the Guild President (Student Leadership) at the University of the West Indies for two consecutive years (2019-2021). In addition, to my diverse intellectual gifts, and being and active student leader that has made a positive impact in every aspect of student and campus life, I always managed to maintain academic excellence. I was the graduating class of 2020 Valedictorian. Among the most recent awards received are: The Principal’s award for Outstanding Academic and Leadership 2019-2021. The Guild of Students Awards for Outstanding Exemplary Service to the Highest of Standards as Guild President 2019-2021. UWISTAT DUCIS Award 2021 for Outstanding impact on Campus community, areas of volunteerism, philanthropic efforts, academic and leadership.

A desire to expand my knowledge and enthusiasm in Latin American studies and specifically in the area of education in the Americas motivated me to pursue this degree. I bring along with me the desire to learn and research, a penchant for teamwork and a zest to undertake any challenges.

I realized that the major is built on an interdisciplinary framework which will allow me to broaden my knowledge in Latin American studies on a whole. Latin America is such a culturally rich and diverse arena. My background in Latin American Studies through all the courses that I have undertaken helps me every day to understand and communicate effectively about the contemporary, historical economic, education and geopolitical conditions in Latin America.

I have visited the beautiful Puerto Rico, Cuba, Columbia and Mexico. I centered all my studies around Spanish, critiquing Latin American literatures, authors and films. I have already produced a research paper in 2020 with distinction for Caribbean Studies on “Flamenco Dance in Cuba: An Introductory Analysis."