Seung Gi Kim


Seoul, South Korea


Bachelor of Arts in Portuguese, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul, Korea


Development Studies and Economic Analysis, Geopolitics, International Economics, Brazilian Studies, Latin American Business Environment, Latin American Politics, Latin American History etc.


In 2005, Goldman Sachs first coined the term “BRICs”. As I was a freshman majoring in Portuguese, I was fascinated by this term and Brazil seemed like a "land of opportunity". Since then, I've always dreamed of working where I can contribute to Korea's economy in cooperation with Brazil. I joined KOTRA (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency) after graduation and started to seek my future career to support SMEs business overseas and cooperation with foreign countries, especially Brazil and other Latin American countries.

In 2013, I was dispatched to the newly opened KOTRA Rio de Janeiro office as a manager. I was responsible to customize development strategies for the Korean SMEs to facilitate their business in Brazil. I supported about 30 Korean SMEs, opening up new business channels that match their needs.

After returning to the headquarter in South Korea, I implemented the Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP), which was a part of the Korean government’s Official Development Assistance (ODA), where I worked with various countries such as Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Kenya, and Mozambique. The Kenyan KSP, in particular, proved to be a very successful project -- they not only received our consultations but went beyond requesting for feasibility studies and master planning for further development, eventually applying for a concessional loan from the Korean government. This ultimately promoted active participation of various Korean SMEs in Kenya and led to multiple post-projects.

I would like to explore important social questions related to development cooperation strategies or intervention methods. I sincerely believe the University of Florida’s interdisciplinary MALAS courses will help me gain fundamental knowledge, critical thinking abilities, as well as a balanced perspective on complex development issues, enabling me to create effective strategy that will serve as a bridge between Latin America and Korea.