Kleber Naula Yautibug


Chimborazo, Ecuador


B.Sc. in Agriculture and Minor in Liberal Arts, San Francisco de Quito University, Ecuador.
Graduate Studies in Human Rights, Indigenous Population and International Cooperation, Carlos III University, Madrid, Spain.


Andean Studies, Indigenous Population, Democracy and Ethnic Political Participation in Latin America.


I am from El Troje, Colta-Chimborazo province, in the Andes of Ecuador. Historically a region predominately of rural farming communities. I have worked for Peace Corps (Ecuador), as a Teacher Assistant at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, as a government official at Ministerio de Cultura y Patrimonio, and as a teaching of Kichwa (level I and II), History of Ecuadorian Cultures and Realidad Actual del Ecuador (Political Science in Ecuador). I am currently conducting research for the tentatively books called "Milestones and Trajectory of the Indigenous Protestantism of Chimborazo-Ecuador" and “Democratic Culture and Participation of Indigenous Peoples in Ecuador (Data analysis, 1979-2019)”. And another investigation that I have been working is “De Hijos del Sol a Hijos del Cielo”, and it is about the history indigenous evangelical groups in Chimborazo province between 1954 and 2020.